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This database consists of records of land settlement in New Brunswick in the period 1765-1900. County or place of settlement can be searched, as can be primary grant holder names. For further information on early New Brunswick land grants, a description of the land grant database and an explanation of the various document types included in the grantbooks is provided.

Users are directed to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for copies of the grants or plans registered with the grant, or for further information on this database.

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This database has been compiled over two summers (1997 and 1998) from source material held by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick by Alice Tayler (1997), Sean Wiseman (1998) and Jonathan Bowie (1997-1998), working under the supervision of Burton Glendenning (PANB) and Elizabeth Hamilton (UNB Libraries).

Jonathan Bowie worked with Jennifer Jeffries of the UNB Libraries' Electronic Text Centre to create images of documents using the ETC's high resolution PhaseOne digital camera, and Steve Sloan, of the UNB Libraries, coordinated the mounting and indexing of the database through the UNB Libraries web server.

Funding for this project has made possible through a Young Canada Works Project, coordinated through the Canadian Library Association.

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