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Newspaper Guide

The Microforms Department has an extensive collection of newspapers both in print and on microfilm.

In the Current Periodicals Reading Room on the First Floor, recent editions of print subscriptions are initially kept, typically, the latest edition of weeklies, and the last three months of dailies. If they are not in the Reading Room, they have either been transferred to basement storage or replaced by a microfilm copy. (See list of Current Print Subscriptions of Newspaper titles and retention periods). For inquires concerning recent print editions, please contact the Circulation Department by phone - 453-4756, or email circhi@unb.ca.
The microfilm collection of newspapers is impressive for the expansiveness of its coverage - geographically and historically. The collection continues to grow with Current Microfilm Subscriptions to 18 newspapers and the ongoing preservation filming of 6 weekly New Brunswick Papers. The material is arranged by title in the newspaper section of the Microforms Department, but not necessarily by every title, which makes it necessary to check Canadian Newspapers on Microfilm. You are welcome to contact staff in Microforms about access and availability of back issues, both print and microfilm, by phone - 453-4834, or email - mic@unb.ca.

The Library provides access tools to help researchers:

A: Catalogues B: Directories C: Indexes and Databases
List and describe which newspapers are held in the Library List and describe which newspapers are published World Wide Indicate where data can be found in newspapers

A: Catalogues [back to top]

UNB WorldCat
This is the UNB Libraries' online catalogue and contains the titles available at both UNB campuses, Fredericton (UNBF) and Saint John (UNBSJ).
Canadian Newspapers on Microfilm
This searchable database (also available in print with Microform Guides) is especially useful in locating on the shelves a newspaper whose title has changed, sometimes more than once. This can be a challenge because the collection is organized by only one title. It does not indicate the latest date received for current newspaper subscriptions. Please see below, Current Microfilm Subscriptions.
Foreign Newspapers on Microfilm
This catalogue fulfils the same job as the Canadian Newspapers on Microfilm but is only available in print. It can be found with the Microforms Guides (see floor plan).
Newspapers in Print
This will be available soon in print and in an online database. Please contact the Microforms Staff for further assistance in the meantime.
Current Microfilm Subscriptions
This is an online database indicating the latest date received for current newspaper subscriptions available on microfilm.

B: Directories [back to top]

Directories provide basic information for the study of newspaper publishing, assist researchers on local history, and aid in physical access to newspapers. They list and describe every known published newspaper for an area. The directories also usually list the holdings, which note those institutions possessing copies, the extent of their holdings, and the physical format.

Canadian and Foreign Newspaper Directories Held at UNB Libraries
This list includes historical directories which often contain revealing information concerning publishers, editorial contents and policies of the day.

C: Indexes and Databases [back to top]

Indexes and Databases to Atlantic Canadian Newspapers Held at the Harriet Irving Library
In our collection we have newspapers from all across Canada, as well as the United States, and Great Britain. However, the greatest number of newspapers in our collection are from Atlantic Canada. We have many indexes to help researchers find specific information. Coverage spans time from the mid eighteenth century to the present days, and includes traditional print and microform formats, as well as online sources. (Please note, the Harriet Irving Library may not subscribe to all titles indexed. For unavailable titles, members of the University community may request copies of articles through Document Delivery).
Newscan provides the full-text of articles from one New Brunswick French and many Canadian English language daily newspapers. A list of the newspapers and their coverage dates can be found here. The database can be accessed through the UNB Libraries' Homepage, by selecting Indexes and Abstracts from the eResources menu. (Please note, limited dates for some newspapers).
Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA) Fulltext Reference
CBCA is an online database which provides selected indexing for numerous Canadian publications in a variety of formats, including periodicals, daily newspapers, and electronic sources (for many of these, excluding newspapers, selected articles are also available in fulltext). Coverage dates begin at 1982 and include the following 8 daily newspapers: Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail (Metro Edition), Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Montreal Gazette, National Post, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, and the Winnipeg Free Press. For coverage between 1977 and 1981, see The Canadian Newspaper Index in print at HIL-REFAB AI3 .C2334. (Please note that the Harriet Irving Library does not have a subscription to the Calgary Herald . If you are a member of the University Community, you may use the Document Delivery service to order an article from another institution). CBCA can be accessed through the UNB Libraries' Homepage by selecting Indexes and Abstracts from the eResources menu.
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