NB Department of Natural Resources Spatial Data Files

UNB Libraries and the Department of Natural Resources have signed a sharing agreement which will allow students, faculty, and staff to have access to DNR data for academic (non-commercial) use only. It was decided that the best mechanism for making this data accessible to authorized users under the terms of the licence was to allow them to access restricted data sets over the world wide web.

The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate the use of spatial data in the academic sector to foster the development of analytical skills using spatial data, and to support research within the academic sector. It is the understanding of both parties that due care and consideration will be given to the security and integrity of the files included under the agreement.

The following files were downloaded from DNR in 2009; however, dates on the layers vary. Please see attribute tables and documentation for further details.

Spatial Data [2009]

Please note that some of the following files are very large.

Support Files

Other Years


Geospatial data sets from other New Brunswick departments and agencies are available for download through GeoNB's Data Catalogue. To add GeoNB your available GIS servers use "http://geonb.snb.ca/ArcGIS/services" as your URL.

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