Census Geography Files

The DLI program provides access to spatial files in addition to numeric data files to authorised users under the DLI licence. The census spatial files are provided by Statistics Canada in both ArcInfo and MapInfo formats. The files currently available for downloading are in ArcInfo format, but MapInfo files may be requested directly through the UNB Libraries DLI Contact.

Spatial files may be available as digital boundary files (dbf), which reflect administrative boundaries or cartographic boundary files (cbf), previously referred to as digital cartographic files (dcf), which provide a more accurate geographical representation. Knowledge of a GIS package, such as MapInfo, ArcView, or ArcInfo, is usually a prerequisite for using these files.

2011 Census Geography Files

Statistics Canada now makes Canada-wide census geography files freely available; however, for the convenience of UNB Libraries users we make province-wide available upon request. To download the national boundary or hydrographic layers, please go to the Statistics Canada "Boundary Files" page. Road Network Files for the country are also available.

If the files you seek are not listed below please contact us to submit a request.

The provincial files below have all been created from the national cartographic boundary files provided by Statistics Canada. Cartographic boundary files (CBFs) contain the boundaries of standard geographic areas together with the shoreline around Canada. Selected inland lakes and rivers are available as a supplementary layer.

New Brunswick

Note, the following files were created from the national file (PRUID=13). Please use with caution.


2006 Census Geography Files

All 2006 spatial files available for download from this page reflect the shoreline. For access dbf versions or any other geographic levels not listed here, please submit a request to the DLI contact.

Please note that most of the standard census geography files as well as water and road layers may now be downloaded directly from Statistics Canada's Census Geography site.

The following files are available for use within the constraints of the DLI licence to UNB Libraries authorized users.

New Brunswick

For convenience, the NB profile data from the 2006 Census of Population for census subdivisions and census dissemination areas, are provided here in a zipped .ivt file. These .ivt files require the Beyond 20/20 browser to view and manipulate the files.


2001 Census Geography Files

2001 Census Spatial Files

Note: There were significant changes in census geography between 1996 and 2001.