Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) is an increasingly important part of scholarly research. Demand for accessible research data – particularly in the case of research funded by public money – and the ubiquity of digital information has created opportunities for scholars to share and preserve their work in new ways.

RDM is related to a handful of different specific challenges and services.

Research data management planning is the process of planning how you will organise, record, and store your data before you've even begun collecting it. Many funding agencies require a research data management plan as part of the proposal process.

Data archiving/sharing is also an emerging field, as scholars look to store their data in secure places that can ensure future access to other users.

Research Data Management Services @ UNB Libraries

UNB Libraries are close to launching data storage and sharing solutions utilising the Dataverse software platform. Additionally, UNB Libraries supports the use of the Portage Research Data Management planning tool and will soon provide custom templates for UNB researchers. In the meantime, we recommend using the vanilla RDM planning tool provided by Portage if you are in need of a plan for a research proposal.

If you have any questions about Research Data Management at UNB, please contact Mike Nason, Scholarly Communications Librarian.