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Government Documents

The UNB Libraries has actively drawn together three major collections which reflect the work typically undertaken by governments. Because governments do not behave in predictable publishing patterns parallel to commercial publishers, the valuable information produced by governments is often a challenge for users to find. To assist you, we have provided an introduction to general publishing of governments below. Links to maps and data, frequent by-products of governmental activity, are provided as separate pages, with more user support provided.

The Department collects materials from all levels of government, ranging from local and provincial to federal to international. It is one of New Brunswick's five full depository members of the Canadian government's Depository Services Program, as well as serving as a depository for the European Union, Asian Development Bank, and United Nations. Notable in the collection are the British Parliamentary Publications, and the American congressional publications-as well as Canadian federal publications dating back to the late 1800s. The Department has also provided an on-line version of early Royal Commissions of New Brunswick through the Electronic Text Centre